17 Health Benefits of Cat Ownership


When thinking of things that may impact upon your health positively, one often does not think of pets.  Particularly, one does not even consider cat ownership as a positive effect upon one’s health.  Although, health professionals as well as researchers have shown that owning a cat may benefit your health in many different ways.  You may be able to enjoy numerous benefits from cat ownership.  Below are mentioned just seventeen health benefits that are associated with having a cat as a pet.

There is a lower risk of cardiovascular disease among cat owners.

You have a reduced risk of having a heart attack, as well as a reduced risk of dying from a heart attack, if you own a cat.

You can improve your immune function by owning a cat.  Cats can tell when their owner is not well, and will comfort you, enabling you to recover quicker, which helps to enhance your level of immune functioning.

You decrease your chances of having allergies.  If you are considering having a child, you may want to consider adopting a cat.  Owning a cat may help prevent allergies in your children.  Some studies have shown that newborn babies who live with pets, particularly cats and dogs, are more likely not to develop any allergies, due to living in a pet household from a young age, helps to trigger immunity.

It helps to prevent asthma in children.  There has also been evidence pointing to the fact that living with a cat may also help to prevent asthma from developing in children.  If you have children, adopting a cat or kitten, and exposing your children to cats can help to protect them from getting asthma.  Early and ongoing contact with cats may help your children also avoid many different respiratory problems that might otherwise develop throughout their lifetime.

It helps to decrease blood pressure.  Enjoying the companionship of cats can also help to lower your blood pressure.  Petting a cat is relaxing, and can decrease your blood pressure.  According to studies, pet owners are more likely to have lower blood pressure than people who do not own pets.

You can have lower triglycerides.  You can decrease your level of triglycerides by working out and eating less carbohydrates, particularly from processed foods.  Additionally, if you own a cat, your triglyceride level may decrease, and your health can improve.  In addition to eating healthy, and regular exercise, cat ownership may work together to help you to be healthy, and to have a more happier and healthier lifestyle.

It can lower your cholesterol levels.  Cat owners have lower cholesterol levels than those households that do not have cats.  A study done in 2006 in Canada have proven that having a cat as a pet was a more effective means to decrease cholesterol levels than cholesterol-lowering drugs, not to mention helping to save people money on expensive medications, as well as improving their health by being a cat owner.

There is also a decreased risk of having a stroke if you own a cat.  A study done at Minnesota University discovered that people who have cats could reduce their stroke risk by one-third.  The fact that you can help to lower your stroke risk simply by adopting a cat, is another reason to consider owning a cat.

You can reduce the amount of stress in your life by owning a cat.  Owning a cat offers many psychological health benefits also, and that includes stress reduction.  Caring for a cat, or snuggling up with a cat close to you, can help you to feel better, as well as to decrease your stress levels.

You can reduce your anxiety by owning a cat.  In addition to stress reduction, owning a cat may also help with anxiety reduction.  Stroking a cat can calm you, as well as other matters related to caring for cats can also help to keep you feeling calm and centered.  This is because when you are caring for an animal, you are not so concerned with your own worries, fear, concerns, and thus it helps to reduce your anxiety.  Also, the closeness of a cat to snuggle up close with can also calm you, as you can truly enjoy the unconditional love that a cat offers to owners.

Owning a cat can also improve your mood.  Owning a cat may help your general attitude improve, helping you to be in a better, more positive mood.  If you think you need to be in a better mood, consider adopting a cat.

Owning a cat helps to lessen feeling of depression.  It is true that owning a cat cannot actually “cure” depression, it may be able to help one to feel better, by helping you to reflect upon happy and positive things, and not the thoughts that are making you feel depressed.  Additionally, the love that a cat can offer, may be found to be very soothing and relaxing to the mind.

Cat ownership can help people who have autism.  Autism is an illness which involves difficulty with relating to people socially, and communicating effectively.  Owning a cat can prove helpful in such situations.  Cats have worked as therapy pets for autistic children, as well as having worked as therapy pets with other types of children that have other different types of developmental disorders, and having proved helpful.

Having a cat helps one to combat feeling of loneliness.  Many people who have reported feeling lonely may feel better with having a cat, by just being able to connect with another living thing.  Having a cat to come home to and enjoy time together can help single or widowed people, who normally live alone.

You can have fewer doctor visits if you own a cat.  This not only includes doctor visits, but also includes fewer hospital stays.  Studies have also proven that in nursing facilities that have therapy cats for residents, they have reduced medication costs than nursing homes that do not employ therapy cats as a part of their treatment.

You can thus be able to live a longer life by owning a cat, combing all of the reasons cited above.


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